MiruMod AR-Drone 2.0 mod
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  • Mirumod AR Drone kits Ultra compact
  • Control your AR Drone with a RC contoller for better range and control.
  • i-device still functional for real time camera viewing.
  • Fully customizable configurations via USB cable
  • Available for both Drone and Drone 2.0.
  • This is a new design for the famous MiruMod AR Drone mod.
  • This mod work with any DSM2 6channel and up transmitter.
  • Plug and play. Full instruction manual and easily upgradeable when new version of the MiruMod is available.
  • Weighing in at 8.4 grams and 17.8 grams with GPS module.
  • GPS module is sold seperately as an add-on with a quick connect JST connector


  • Item #: AR-Drone 2.0 MiruMod

MiruMod AR-Drone 2.0 mod

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